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Welcome to our number 1 cheats sites for all the different Emoji quiz games for your mobile devices. Emoji are icons that are used in the Japanese messenger services. And the different emoji games cleverly combine these icons to come up with different meanings. The reason why we created this cheat table is because we are fed up with the different emoji answer sites that have a tons of images that ask you to browse through.

The purpose of this Emoji cheats site is to help you find your answers quickly and efficiently. It should not be a quest in itself to find out the emoji quiz answers. You should spend more time playing and that is the purpose of our emoji cheat sheet website.

Below we list out all the emoji quiz games that we have covered. You can also use the side bar or the end of the page if you are using mobile phone to browse our emoji cheats site.

Have fun sailing through the games whenever you are stuck with any of the stages!


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