What’s the Emoji is a fun emoji quiz game that divided into different categories. We have compiled the entire answers cheat for the game on one easy to use answer sheet. Use this cheat sheet to quickly beat all the levels with different emoji question answers. Please let us know if you have found any errors with our cheat database! Enjoy beating the game with our cheats answers!

Variety 11France Flag, HornFrench Horn
Variety 12Flash Light, HouseLight House
Variety 13Camera, ManCamera Man
Variety 14Family, TreeFamily Tree
Variety 15Cop, DogPolice Dog
Variety 16Watch, BombTime Bomb
Variety 17Bread, France Flag, BreadFrench Toast
Variety 18ABCD, SoupAlphabet Soup
Variety 19Fried Shrimp, MartiniShrimp Cocktail
Variety 110Book, WormBookworm
Variety 111Watch, Pointing UpTimes Up
Variety 112Newspaper, ScissorsPaper Cut
Variety 113Sun, Electrical Plug, BatterySolar Power
Variety 114England Flag, Airplane, ChairBritish Airways
Variety 115Nail Polish, FileNail File
Variety 116House, BrideHousewife
Variety 117Cherry, Cherry, CherryJackpot
Variety 118Bag, Money, BagMoney Bags
Variety 119Look, Musical NoteiTunes
Variety 120Night, ClubNight Club
Variety 121Tennis Ball, ArmTennis Elbow
Variety 122Ant, Lady Bug, RabbitBugs Bunny
Variety 123Musical Note, BookNotebook
Variety 124Chicken, BoyChicken Head
Variety 125Hurt Face, PillPoison Pill
Variety 126Point to Right, PhoneYour Call
Variety 127Light Bulb, Shower, ShowerLight Showers
Variety 128Milk Bottle, Chocolate BarMilk Chocolate
Variety 129Fire, ChickHot Chick
Variety 130Car, Blow Wind, Italian FlagFerrari
Variety 131Alien, Rocket, LookUFO Sighting
Variety 132Top Hat, Magnifying Glass, Light BulbSherlock Holmes
Variety 133Look, Headphone MusiciPod
Variety 134Scissors, Money BagCut Costs
Variety 135Tennis Ball, Shoe, Basketball, ShoeAthletic Shoes
Variety 136Pointing Down, Hair CutBad Haircut
Variety 137Door, ManDoorman
Variety 138Money Bag, No Sign, ZZZ FaceMoney Never Sleeps
Variety 139Pig, Dollar Sign, ChartPiggy Bank
Variety 140Car, Blow Wind, DevilSpeed Demon
Variety 141Clock, Armchair, ClockTime Travel
Variety 142Finish Sign, Bicycle, France FlagTour de France
Variety 143Trumpet, Saxophone, Violin, PianoJazz Band
Variety 144Talk, 1, 4, 0Twitter
Variety 145TV, NightTV Night
Variety 146Arm, Pop, ArmArm Wrestle
Variety 147Fire, HeadHot Head
Variety 148Pizza, BoxPizza Box
Variety 149Man, Fight, BreakFist Fight
Variety 150Trending Chart, PalmHigh Five
Variety 21Baseball, Top HatBaseball Hat
Variety 22Cat, ZZZCat Nap
Variety 23Bread, Corn, BreadCornbread
Variety 24Monkey, WrenchMonkey Wrench
Variety 25Angel, Arrow Through HeartCupid
Variety 26House, Video Movie CameraHome Movies
Variety 27Bikini, Finger Pointing UpBikini Top
Variety 28Snow Flake, Sprout, Sun, Fallen LeavesFour Seasons
Variety 29Door, BellDoorbell
Variety 210Baby Bottle, Ice Cream, Waving HandMilkshake
Variety 211Cat, In the tray, HatCat in the Hat
Variety 212Up Arrow, DogTop Dog
Variety 213American, Tennis BallUS Open
Variety 214Palm Tree, Fire, BasketballMiami Heat
Variety 215Coffee, AmericanCaffe Americano
Variety 216Car, Electrical PlugElectric Car
Variety 217Fist, Dash -Punch Line
Variety 218Snow Flake, ManSnowman
Variety 219Black, White, TVBlack and White TV
Variety 220Party Confetti Horn, Cake, PrayerBirthday Wish
Variety 221Dish, Snail, FrenchEscargot
Variety 222Family, DogFamily Pet
Variety 223Lollipop, 1, 6Sweet Sixteen
Variety 224Boy, Fountain, GirlFountain of Youth
Variety 2252, 8, CalendarFebruary
Variety 226Dollar Sign, 5, Person Outline, ?Abe Lincoln
Variety 227Grin, AngelTooth Fairy
Variety 228House, RunnerHome Run
Variety 229Cocktail, DressCocktail Dress
Variety 230City Sunrise, Alarm Clock, BirdEarly Bird
Variety 231British, Gun, MartiniJames Bond
Variety 232Love Sight, Love Sight, Love Sight, TriangleLove Triangle
Variety 233Heart, Club, Moon, NightPoker Night
Variety 234Turban, Video Movie CameraBollywood
Variety 235China, Fist, Asian BoyKarate Kid
Variety 236Diamond, Red Circle, Red CircleDiamond Rings
Variety 237Recycle, PaperRecycled Paper
Variety 238Eyes, Do Not Enter, PalletColor Blind
Variety 239Baby, Shower HeadBaby Shower
Variety 240Princess, BeeQueen Bee
Variety 241Clock, Sunglasses, Beers, SunglassesHappy Hour
Variety 242Snow Flake, FootprintsCold Feet
Variety 243Tiger, Planet Earth, KoalaAnimal Planet
Variety 244Cigarette, Alarm SirenSmoke Alarm
Variety 245Airplane, 1, AmericaAir Force One
Variety 246Sea Shell, FishCrab
Variety 247Sun, Light BulbSunlight
Variety 248Push Pin, BoyPin Head
Variety 249Balloon, Cake, Party Confetti Horn, BalloonBirthday Party
Variety 250Whistle Kissing, Blowing Air, FishBlow Fish
Fun1Barber, BuildingBarber Shop
Fun2Runner, TrainRunaway Train
Fun3Chinese Letter, Ramen NoodleChinese Food
Fun4Cat, I, ICat Eyes
Fun5Black, Man, Black, AlienMan in Black
Fun6Toilet, Ramen NoodleToilet Bowl
Fun7Graduation cap, SchoolGraduate School
Fun8Fist, Collision, PandaKung Fu Panda
Fun9Blue Car, MoonBlue Moon
Fun10Family, CameraFamily Photo
Fun11Collision, Woman, MicrophonePop Singer
Fun12Italy, WineChianti
Fun13A, B, AB, OBlood Type
Fun14Walker, DogWalk the Dog
Fun15X, Black, Triangle, CirclePlaystation
Fun16Pig Nose Snout, Out BoxPig Out
Fun17Runner, NoseRunning Nose
Fun18Smiley, Hamburger, French FriesHappy Meal
Fun197 o'clock, Finger Pointing UpSeven Up
Fun20Fox, Red Hollow CircleFox Hole
Fun21Panda, Express Speed Rail TrainPanda Express
Fun22Star, Fist, StarHaymaker
Fun23Woman, BeeLady Bug
Fun24Banana, Finger Pointing Left, Finger Pointing RightBanana Split
Fun25Hamburger, CrownBurger King
Fun26Old Man, Old WomanGrandparents
Fun27See No Evil, Tongue, Writing LetterBlind Taste Test
Fun28Scream, Clapperboard, Video Movie CameraScary Movie
Fun29Do Not Enter, SleepingInsomnia
Fun30Shamrock, Star, StarLucky Stars
Fun311, 2, Hear No Evil, Speak No EvilTwelve Monkeys
Fun32Baby, Baby BottleBaby Bottle
Fun33Do Not Enter, Shamrock, 1, 3Unlucky Thirteen
Fun34Princess, AmericaMiss America
Fun35Cake, Knife, Old ManPastry Chef
Fun36Snake, Plus +, Paw PrintsLizard
Fun37Bicep Muscle, Speak No EvilStrong Smell
Fun38England, Princess, EnglandLady Diana
Fun39TV, Bikini, TVBaywatch
Fun40Cocktail Tequila, SunriseTequila Sunrise
Fun41Collision, CornPopcorn
Fun42Tiger, GolfTiger Woods
Fun43Car, Blowing Air, BatteryTurbo Charged
Fun44Boy, Glasses, Lightning, Video Movie CameraHarry Potter
Fun45Devil, City, Party Confetti Horn, JokerSin City
Fun46Heart, Dizzy, HospitalLove Sick
Fun47Elephant, ManElephant Man
Fun48Money Dollar, Star, Money DollarStarbucks
Fun49Blowing Air, 2, 3, BasketballAir Jordan
Fun50Clothes, French, CrocodileLacoste
Charming1House, Dog, Rabbit, CatHouse Pets
Charming2Snail, WalkerSlow Poke
Charming3Dog, Lip, Blowing AirDog Breath
Charming4Family, Turban, Pill, Needle dripping BloodFamily Doctor
Charming5Princess, ZZZSleeping Beauty
Charming6Peace Hand Sign, Finger Pointing RightPeace Out
Charming7Shower Head, Graduation CapShower Cap
Charming8Pen, Boy, Turban ManPen Pals
Charming9Runner, BrideRunaway Bride
Charming10Man, Boy, GhostHoly Trinity
Charming11American, RocketSpace Shuttle
Charming12Dice, Dice, 4To Die For
Charming13Up Arrow, Right Arrow, Down ArrowUpside Down
Charming14Scissors, OffCut Off
Charming15Orange, Pineapple, Fist, CollisionFruit Punch
Charming16Watch, AirplaneTime Flies
Charming17Ice Cream, TruckIce Cream Truck
Charming18Speaker Off, NightSilent Night
Charming19Newspaper, LightningNewsflash
Charming20Crying, BabyCry Baby
Charming21French, KissFrench Kiss
Charming22Chart, Fax Machine, Theater MaskOffice Drama
Charming23Dog, Fork and Knife, DogDog Eat Dog
Charming24Screw, Finger Pointing UpScrew Up
Charming25Party Confetti Horn, CatParty Animal
Charming26Star, FootprintsStar Trek
Charming27Down Arrow, FrenchSpain
Charming28Dollar Sign, 1, Person Outline, ?George Washington
Charming29Candy, Speech BallonSweet Talk
Charming30Checker Flag, Dash -Finish Line
Charming31X, BoxXbox
Charming32Girl, Electric PlugGirl Power
Charming33Statue of Liberty, Newspaper, WatchNew York Times
Charming34England, Bridge, Down ArrowLondon Bridge
Charming35Sweating, PantsSweatpants
Charming36Theater Drama Masks, QueenDrama Queen
Charming37Sunglasses, MailboxGmail
Charming38Up Arrow, American Flag, PigCanadian Bacon
Charming39Fire, Blowing Air, BalloonHot Air Balloon
Charming40Magnifying Glass, FishFinding Nemo
Charming41Cake, MicrophoneBirthday Song
Charming42Raising Hand, CatHello Kitty
Charming43100, Cloud, Swirl, UmbrellaPerfect Storm
Charming44Needle Dripping Blood, Tomato, CocktailBloody Mary
Charming45Whale, Whale, TelescopeWhale Watching
Charming46Car, Collision, Car, RunnerHit and Run
Charming47Man, BagMurse
Charming48X, SunriseX Rays
Charming492, Hand, Cigarette, Stuck Out TongueSecond Hand Smoke
Charming50Men Outline, Men Outline, Speech BalloonGroup Chat
Amusing1Apple, Bee, BeeApple Bees
Amusing2Sun, Moon, Planet Earth, AlienSpace Invaders
Amusing3Moon, FootprintsMoonwalk
Amusing4Flagstick, FootballFlag Football
Amusing5Ghost, Ghost, Fist, CollisionGhost Busters
Amusing6French, ShipFriendship
Amusing7Walker, SkullZombie
Amusing8Star, EyesStar Gazing
Amusing9Goat, Cup of Tea/CoffeeGoatee
Amusing10French, Bicyclist, BicepLance Armstrong
Amusing11Italian, Ice CreamGelato
Amusing12Alien, Moon, Bicycle, BoyET
Amusing13Bomb, ShellBombshell
Amusing14Camera, ShyCamera Shy
Amusing15Writing, Crying, BeeBusy Bee
Amusing16Angel, CakeAngel Food Cake
Amusing17Lightning, Left ArrowFlash Back
Amusing18Baseball, Fish PoleCatcher
Amusing19Banana, BoatBanana Boat
Amusing20Airplane, MailboxAir Mail
Amusing21Fire, Truck, Siren AlarmFire Truck
Amusing22German, Express Speed Rail Train, FrenchEurorail
Amusing23Ghost, BookGhost Story
Amusing24Pumpkin, CakePumpkin Pie
Amusing25Night, Sun, SunSunrise
Amusing26Sick, Windy LeavesSick Leave
Amusing27Microscope, MouseLab Rat
Amusing28Cactus, Cloud, Lightning, UmbrellaDesert Storm
Amusing29Dancer, StarDancing with the Stars
Amusing30Sailboat, FishSailfish
Amusing31Grey Ball, DogGreyhound
Amusing32Bee, Needle dripping BloodBee Sting
Amusing33Fork and Knife, Party Confetti HornDinner Party
Amusing34Couple Kissing, ShipLove Boat
Amusing35Rocket, MicroscopeRocket Science
Amusing36Man, Speech Balloon, Woman saying NoRejection
Amusing37Pallet, WomanArtist
Amusing38Men Holding Hands, Car, SwimmingCarpool
Amusing39Prayer, Cloud, Angel, CloudThank Heaven
Amusing40Chicken, SickBird Flu
Amusing41Lock, Out BoxLock Out
Amusing42Water Drops, SkiWater Ski
Amusing43Do Not Enter, Top Arrow, DogUnderdog
Amusing44Key, Red RingKey Hold
Amusing45Tennis Shoe, French HornShoe Horn
Amusing46Two Way Arrow, Cloud, 9On Cloud Nine
Amusing47Off, KeyOff Key
Amusing48Snow Flake, Lollipop, StrawberryPopsicle
Amusing49Bath Tub, Toilet, HouseBathroom
Amusing50Ship, Fist, CollisionBattleship
Exciting1Bomb, StarSupernova
Exciting2Chicken, Ramen NoodleChicken Noodle Soup
Exciting3Woman, Heart, Old Man, MoneyGold Digger
Exciting4Rat, PolicemanPest Control
Exciting5Lollipop, AppleCandy Apple
Exciting6Dollar Money, CowCash Cow
Exciting7Pallet, BaseballPaint Ball
Exciting8Finger Pointing to the Right, Finger Pointing UpTouch Up
Exciting9Hammer, Alarm Clock, MicrophoneHammer Time
Exciting10TV, Newspaper, AnchorTV News Anchor
Exciting11Dog, Spaghetti, Curry Rice PlateDog Food
Exciting12Caterpillar, Red RingWormhole
Exciting13Tennis Shoe, Checker Flag, StarTrack Star
Exciting14Man, Fist, Collision, Ox/BullBull Fight
Exciting15Out Box, Eyes, Stock ChartOutlook
Exciting16Snake, EyesSnake Eyes
Exciting17Church, Candy, RabbitEaster Bunny
Exciting18Corn, DogCorn Dog
Exciting19Man Outline, BookFacebook
Exciting20Boy, Devil, Peace Hand SignTerrible Twos
Exciting21Black Square, HorseDark Horse
Exciting22Teeth, Medical Worker/ DoctorDentist
Exciting23Shock, WaveShockwave
Exciting24Nose, Blow Air, Dislike, BombStink Bomb
Exciting25Heart, MicrophoneLove Song
Exciting26Hand, Horse, Horse, HandHold Your Horses
Exciting27Lemon, Lollipop, Sour FaceSour Candy
Exciting28Cigarette, Mountain, MountainSmoky Mountains
Exciting29Chocolate, Baby Bottle, Shaking HandChocolate Milkshake
Exciting30Horse, Circular ArrowsHorsing Around
Exciting31Sunflower, VS, Skull, FootprintsPlants VS Zombies
Exciting32Clock, Clock, See No Evil MonkeyLong Time No See
Exciting33Shaking Hand, Blowing Kiss, Party Confetti HornGoodbye Party
Exciting34Tea, GardenTea Garden
Exciting35Car, WatchDrive Time
Exciting36Couple Holding Hands, BicycleTandem Bicycle
Exciting37Lightning, Shower HeadThunder Shower
Exciting38Dog, HouseDog House
Exciting39Pig, Pig, PigThree Little Pigs
Exciting40Back Arrow, KnifeBack Stab
Exciting41Happy Face, FootprintsHappy Feet
Exciting42Sunflower, FactoryFlower Power
Exciting43Diamond, ScissorsDiamond Cut
Exciting44Monkey, Crown, ClapperboardKing Kong
Exciting45Heart, Fist, CollisionHeart Attack
Exciting46Moon, Red Ring, AlienCrop Circle
Exciting47Battery, WalkerPower Walk
Exciting48Black Square, Thinking CloudDark Thoughts
Exciting49Chicken, KabobChicken Skewer
Exciting50Ox/ Bull, Sleeping FaceBulldozer
Clever1Wave, Up ArrowSurfs Up
Clever2Blowing Kiss, Finger Pointing Left, RoseKiss From a Rose
Clever3Key, Music Note, Man, Speech BalloonKeynote Speaker
Clever48, Paw Prints, Video Cassette TapeEight Track Tape
Clever5Ant, Fork and Knife, ManAnteater
Clever6Smiley, Stock ChartLaughing Stock
Clever7Bread, Trophy, ManBread Winner
Clever8Clock, TowerMidnight in Paris
Clever9Christmas Tree, Gift PresentChristmas Gift
Clever10Bus, Hand PalmBus Stop
Clever11Japanese, Turtle, TurtleNinja Turtle
Clever12Diamond, Hand ShakingFirm Handshake
Clever13Key, Eyes, HeartKey to My Heart
Clever14Clock, DrumstickMidnight Snack
Clever15Black Square, ChocolateDark Chocolate
Clever16Princess/Queen, Heart, HeartQueen of Hearts
Clever17Chinese Man, Crystal Ball, CookieFortune Cookie
Clever18FREE, BeeFreebie
Clever19Cow, BoyCowboy
Clever20Cat, Fist, Girls Holding HandsCat Fight
Clever21Graduation Cap, Football, Shamrock, FistNotre Dame
Clever22Watch, DogWatch Dog
Clever23Horse, Bicep MuscleHorsepower
Clever24Airplane, Eyes, AirplaneIn Plain Sight
Clever25Rocket, Gas PumpRocket Fuel
Clever26Angel, Money Dollars, PrayerAngel Investor
Clever27Woman, Cougar, NightCougar Town
Clever28Safety Pin, Needle Blood, Safety Pin, Needle BloodPins and Needles
Clever29Star, GunShooting Star
Clever30Haircut, Nail Polish, Princess/QueenBeauty Queen
Clever31Man, PianoPianist
Clever32Speaker Off, OFFSound Off
Clever33Envelop, Box PackageMailbox
Clever34Theater Drama Masks, Blowing AirAct Fast
Clever35Diamond, Golf FlagpoleDiamond in the Rough
Clever36Laughing Face, RabbitFunny Bunny
Clever37Palm Tree, Cocktail DrinkTropical Drink
Clever38Man, HouseMan of the House
Clever39Nose, Rose, Rose, RoseSmell the Roses
Clever40American, Sleeping, Dreaming CloudAmerican Dream
Clever41Video Game Controller, Crown, ToiletGame of Thrones
Clever42Couple in Love, 1, EyesLove at First Sight
Clever43Bee, Football, Basketball, SoccerB Team
Clever44Anger, Expressionless Face, BreadWarm and Toasty
Clever45OK Woman, Down Arrow, HeelHead Over Heels
Clever46Sick, Puppy DogSick as a Dog
Clever47British, Fish, French Fries, BritishFish and Chips
Clever48Baseball, DiamondBaseball Diamond
Clever49Wolf, Dancer, Wolf, DancerDances with Wolves
Clever50Waving Hand, Kiss LipGoodbye Kiss
Witty1Bee, Finger Pointing Right, Left ArrowBe Right Back
Witty2Thumb's Up, Finger Pointing UpGood Point
Witty3Circular Arrows, Alarm Clock, Circular ArrowsAround the Clock
Witty4Plus Sign +, VS, Negative Sign -Pros Versus Cons
Witty5Flashlight, 3, 6, 5Lightyear
Witty6Princess, BridePrincess Bride
Witty7American, Express Speed Rail Train, Blowing AirAmerican Express
Witty8Grey Square, DancerSquare Dance
Witty9Italian, Old Man, GunWise Guy
Witty10Purse, PantsBaggy Pants
Witty11Car, Collision, CarCar Accident
Witty12Spanish, Down ArrowMorocco
Witty13Man, Ring, WomanEngaged
Witty14Cookie, ScissorsCookie Cutter
Witty15Family, Shirt with Tie, Shirt with TieFamily Ties
Witty16Castle, Mouse, Ferry's Wheel, PrincessDisney World
Witty17Eyes, LollipopEye Candy
Witty18Clock, OutboxTime Out
Witty19Rainbow, MountainOver the Hill
Witty20Angel, City, AngelLos Angeles
Witty21Bow Ribbon, Right ArrowBow and Arrow
Witty22Enjoy Listening Face, Speaker, Music ScaleSound of Music
Witty23Panda, Down ArrowBear Down
Witty24Penguin, Angry Face, BirdAngry Birds
Witty25Trophy, BrideTrophy Wife
Witty26Man, Red RingManhole
Witty27Cow, BellCowbell
Witty28Woman, Shamrock, Slot MachineLady Luck
Witty29Christmas Tree, Music ScaleChristmas Carol
Witty30Speaker Off, Sheep, Sheep, Speaker OffSilence of the Lambs
Witty31Broken Heart, Snow FlakeBreak the Ice
Witty32Hand, EyesWait and See
Witty33Glass of Wine, Fork and KnifeWine and Dine
Witty34Honey, Bunny RabbitHoney Bunny
Witty35Donuts, Red Ring CircleDonut Hole
Witty36Family, Finger Pointing DownSundown
Witty37Baby, Speech BalloonBaby Talk
Witty38In Box, Out Box, HamburgerIn n Out Burger
Witty39Trophy, EyesEye on the Prize
Witty40Movie Video Camera, Planet Earth, ClapperboardPlanet Hollywood
Witty41Couple Holding Hands, Baby, ShowerCoed Baby Shower
Witty42Candy, Lollipop, Man, BabySugar Daddy
Witty43Fire, Alarm Clock, Siren AlarmFire Alarm
Witty44Drumstick, Horse, Checker FlagKentucky Dirby
Witty45Car, Blowing Air, AngryRoad Rage
Witty46Telephone, gunCall the Shots
Witty47Man, Crown, MountainKing of the Hill
Witty48German, Car, Money BagMercedes Benz
Witty49Cocktail, Balloon, Party Confetti HornCocktail Party
Witty50Girls Holding Hand, Night City, Right Arrow, CocktailGirls Night Out


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